Practicing Science-Based
Natural Medicine


With over 32 years of practice in the health care field, Dr. Yim brings experience, knowledge and sincerity to the care of each patient. His reputation for carefully listening in order to develop a clear diagnosis and prescribe a workable, proven treatment program that can improve lives dramatically. Dr. Yim's passion is to help patients reach their true health potential.

Our clinic provides exceptional care for healthy living and healthy aging, optimizing your health care with leading lifestyle and nutritional solutions and effective programs.


Educational BackgrounD

Dr. Yim's lifelong interest in health and nutrition led him initially to massage therapy. After completing his training and board exams, he opened his own practice as a registered massage therapist in Nanaimo, BC. During his seven years as a RMT he realized that he could only take people so far in their health journey.  He was able to successfully assist them with physical and structural issues, but felt there was a missing component.

In 1987 he began studies at Malaspina University-College, now Vancouver Island University for prerequisites to attend medical school.

After working as an RMT and attending classes at the university he and his family moved to Seattle so he could attend the prestigious, Bastyr University. He proudly received his doctorate in naturopathic medicine after four years with top honours.

Upon completion of the rigorous licensing exams that the College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC requires, Dr. Yim established his clinic and practice back home in Nanaimo, B.C. 

Since 1994, Dr. Yim has been helping people regain and maintain optimal health, naturally. He has earned a respected name and reputation for providing exceptional health care.

With a special interest in:

  • family medicine,

  • gastroenterology,

  • allergies,

  • cardiovascular health,

  • healthy aging and

  • arthritis.


Dr. Yim focuses on science based natural medicine to stimulate the body to heal itself.
In addition to his private practice, Dr. Yim promotes natural health care through articles in various periodicals and public lectures. If your organization or association would like to have Dr. Yim speak at  a meeting please contact our clinic at 250-585-2150