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Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Your Thyroid

In the season of countdowns and top tens, I thought it would be timely to highlight a top ten guide for thyroid health.

Being winter, cold, dark and sometimes lonely, my patients with low thyroid find this time of year somewhat challenging. Wearing more layers, socks and extra blankets to bed, thyroid patients have difficulty generating heat from the food they eat, making winter an intolerable season. Holiday food brings rapid blood sugar swings and aggravates already problematic constipation.  Sluggishness and fatigue make holiday shopping impossible. Have you ever wondered how to restore the health of your thyroid?

Here it is…top ten facts you need to know about the thyroid gland.

10. Slow thyroid function may be contributing to weight gain. Do you struggle with weight gain despite a healthy diet and regular exercise?

9. The onset of hypothyroid most often occurs after a hormonal change. Did your symptoms start after the birth of one of your children, after repeat miscarriages or just before menopause?

8. Adrenal fatigue or burn-out usually occurs with hypothyroidism. Test your salivary cortisol levels four times in the day to pinpoint your bodies ability to tolerate and respond to stress.  Restoring adrenal function takes stress off the thyroid gland!

7. Hypothyroidism is often misdiagnosed as depression and treated with anti-depressants.  Mood imbalances like depression, angry outbursts, feelings of rage, post-partum depression, anxiety attacks and apathy may have a deeper root in the thyroid.

6. You may have sluggish thyroid function or even overt hypothyroidism with a normal TSH. TSH is an indirect measure of thyroid function.

5. Comprehensive testing is required to determine the best possible treatment. I test for: TSH, T3, T4, thyroid antibodies, vitamin B12, ferritin, and vitamin D as a baseline for my hypothyroid patients.

4. You may have an auto-immune condition called Hashimoto’s. The treatment for auto-immunity involves healing the gut lining, identifying trigger foods and resolving immune damage.

3. 10% of American women have disordered thyroid function. And up to 50% of these women do not even know they have a thyroid condition – they are under-diagnosed!

2. Thyroid medications with T4 and T3 may be more appropriate for your body. Many hypothyroid patients are not on the correct dosage or medication to correct their symptoms. If you have a normal TSH: your medication could still be too high or too low in dosage!

And….in the voice of Letterman: The number one thing you need to know about your thyroid is……

1. Naturopathic Doctors at Vita-Care, restore optimal thyroid function, prescribe appropriate medication with required testing and resolve the causes of low thyroid function. With our guidance you can feel vibrant and healthy again!