STOP DREADING SPRING ALLERGIES: Dr. Yim's 5 Phase Treatment Program Gets Results

Get Your Spring Back!

Get Your Spring Back!

"My allergies are ruining my life!" Those were Tom's first words when I asked how I could help him. I could tell he was suffering just by listening and looking at him.

Tom had the typical nasally voice of someone who can't breathe through their nose. His eyes were blood shot and his nose was bright red from constantly blowing his runny nose.

This patient had been suffering with spring time allergies since childhood, but now in his 30's, the allergies were year round. He had also developed a number of food allergies. In the past Tom relied on antihistamines only in the spring. Now, if he did not take two 24 hour antihistamines, his symptoms were debilitating.

I told Tom that we were going to take care of his allergies by maximizing his health and balancing his immune system.

After doing the Vegatest to identify sensitive foods and getting a snap shot of the weak areas in his body, we implemented a 5 phase program of remove, replace, repair, repopulate and rebalance.

  • We began by removing the irritants to his system like his sensitive foods, the airborne allergens with a medical grade air purifier, candida yeast from his gut, and the majority of chemicals from his foods and environment. 
  • We also replaced deficient nutrients and digestive enzymes to optimize digestion.
  • The inflammed tissues and gut lining were repaired.
  • His intestines were repopulated with a special probiotic formula.
  • Finally, we rebalanced his adrenal glands and his immune system.

When I last saw Tom, he no longer needed antihistamines. At the worst part of allergy season, he easily controlled any symptoms with a homeopathic spray. Tom said he felt amazing and that his allergies were a blessing because they forced him to take control of his health. In doing so he not only got rid of his allergies, he maximized his health. Way to go Tom!!!