An interview with Dr. Yim on Leaky Gut

Q: Dr. Yim, I spend a lot of money each month on nutritional supplements. How do I know that I am getting any benefit from them?

A: That is a great question. You may be buying and taking lots of supplements, but if your digestion and absorption are not working properly, you will not get the most benefit from them. The simplest way to get an idea of your digestion and absorption is to do a hair mineral analysis. If you are taking all kinds of minerals and the results of your test are on the low side, you have your answer. This is a test we have available at the clinic.

Q: Is this what is meant by leaky gut?

A: This is definitely part of it. Leaky gut implies that the lining of the small intestine is more porous or permeable than it should be. When this happens nutrients like your vitamins and minerals that should be readily absorbed are not. On the other hand, large proteins that are incompletely digested and toxins that should not be absorbed do pass more readily across the lining into the blood. This can lead to a host of challenges from food allergies, arthritis, autoimmunity, and so on.

Q: What causes leaky gut?

A: There are many contributors to leaky gut and most of them are under our control. They include medications such as antibiotics and non-steroidal and steroid medicines, alcohol, stress, food allergies, and unfriendly bugs such as parasites, yeast, and bacteria.

Q: How does one heal leaky gut?

A: Remember the 5 R’s? First, remove irritants to the gut. Second, repair the lining of the gut. The G.I. Complex is an excellent product to achieve this goal. Third, replace digestive enzymes using Biogest. Fourth, repopulate the gut with Optibiotics. Fifth and last, rebalance by destressing mind and body to take a load off the gut.

Q: What other tests can give me information about my gut?

A: The blood allergy test can be very helpful to determine true food allergies.  In our office, Vegatesting gives more information about what is going on in the body as well as current food sensitivities. Finally, a Comprehensive Digestive and Stool Analysis can be sent off to determine what specific unfriendly organisms are in the gut and what are the best products to kill them, whether there are enough friendly bacteria, and how efficient the digestion is working.