Don't Let Airborne Allergies Dampen Your Spring

Dr. Luterbach uses SLIT therapy for relief from airborne spring allergies

Dr. Luterbach uses SLIT therapy for relief from airborne spring allergies

At Vita-Care Natural Health, we have allergy testing available in the office for existing patients and new patients.  Allergies are an inappropriate response of the immune system to some trigger in the environment called an allergen. The testing involves a sample of the allergen applied to the skin of the arm with a plastic tool.  The sensation is a light prickly feeling. Skin prick testing is suitable for the entire family. The earliest your children can be tested is at 3 years of age.

The timing of your allergy symptoms is a clue toward what your immune system is reacting to.  Allergy Season in the Nanaimo area begins in February and ends in October. Trees start to release their pollen in late winter, grass pollenates late spring and weeds pollenate in the summertime. Allergies that are year-round may be due to cat, dog, dust or mould exposure. 

What do the results of your allergy test mean? Once we determine what your body is reacting to, we can take the steps that are needed to limit exposure and boost your immune system. In the office, we use a therapy called “SLIT” to teach your body that the allergen (dust for example) is not harmful to the body. SLIT stands for sublingual immunotherapy and is a wonderful alternative to allergy shots. Using SLIT allergy drops will re-train your body not to be allergic in the first place.

The advantages of SLIT therapy include:

  • Reduced dependency on antihistamines and other allergy medications
  • Convenient at home therapy that does not require regular clinic visits
  • Fewer sick days away from work and school during the allergy season
  • Better sleep - no longer will you wake at night to itch or with congested breathing!!
  • Freedom from itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, itchy skin and other allergy symptoms! 
  • Treatment of asthma, especially if a new diagnosis.
  • Complete treatment course of 3 years can result in permanent cure of your allergy.

It is very exciting to find out what exactly is making you feel so ill! Come to our office and learn all about treating and healing allergies!