Treat Your Pain!

sore shoulder

Injure an elbow or knee? Break a bone? Sprain an ankle? Have arthritis or nerve pain?

Now what?

A ten minute medical doctor's visit will often end with a prescription for pain medication, a referral for imaging, surgical referral and placement on a waitlist.

Some people get better after months of rest, others experience continual pain or medication side effects. Some will worsen while waiting for surgery or from losing hope. Simple daily activities like walking, playing, reaching, carrying and even standing become agonizing work.  

Low-Intensity Laser therapy can help to treat muscle, joint, ligament, meniscus and nerve injuries.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Laser therapy works by preventing scar tissue formation and increasing the production of collagen, a protein that holds the body together. In addition, laser therapy has the capacity to lower pain by blocking a neurotransmitter called substance P, which normally tells the brain to feel pain.


Low-intensity laser also work similar to anti-inflammatory medications by decreasing pain perception, swelling and redness. Reduced pain means less, and even discontinuation, of pain medication. This also means less side effects including reduced risk of constipation and drowsiness and long term complications like stomach ulcers and liver damage. This makes Low-intensity laser a great tool to use while waiting for surgery.

Repeated treatments can also prevent short term aches from turning into long term chronic pain.

Suffering with a joint and muscle injury and being restricted because of pain, can impair and negatively impact enjoyment of life.

Laser therapy may be your ticket back to a normal life.  Book your appointment at VitaCare Natural Health Clinic today!