It’s your last two years until retirement. You realize you might come in a bit short money wise so you put in extra hours, push a bit harder and take on more work.

Then comes the day you get to walk away from a business you’ve spent years building. It isn’t easy, but you do it. A couple of months into retirement you realize the pain in your back isn’t going away and you don’t have work to distract you from taking care of it. You go to the doctor and find out you need a referral to see a specialist, plus myriad tests, then surgery. After surgery you need to put your feet up for three to six months.

Your first year of retirement, suddenly just disappeared.

What happened to travel, adventures, working out at the gym, playing with grandchildren?

Sound severe? Yes. But it happens more often than you’d think.

What’s worse is starting to feel those health issues in those last two years before retirement. You start dragging your feet to work, can’t get motivated to put that new system together, are having trouble focusing on numbers or making decisions. And there hangs retirement, like a carrot dangling just out of reach.

Most people believe that the key factor in a healthy retirement revolves around having enough money. But there are nine key factors that will have you happy and healthy during retirement and the rest of your life.

1.     Will your employee and personal health benefit package continue after you stop working?

2.     Does your succession plan allow for a continuous income to help support your retirement?

3.     Do you have a ‘bank’ of nutrients to help counter the stress of the last push to retirement?

4.     Is your energy sufficient to do all the things on your bucket list before and after retirement?

5.     Have you put together a bucket list that includes loved ones, friends and family?

6.     Do your important relationships support your slow down to retirement? In other words, will your partner be happy to have you home more?

7.     Have you developed a certain level of spirituality that will support and comfort your next years?

8.     What are you going to be doing during your first year of retirement? Volunteer? Do you have a plan?

9.     Is your athletic and sexual performance up for the adventure?

Have you answered these questions to your satisfaction? If not, you might consider thinking long and hard at whether your health and life is retirement ready.

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