Fighting Fatigue


There is an epidemic plaguing our society. Every one of us are susceptible since no one has immunity against this condition. Although it is not a killer, it can be debilitating and affect our quality of life. Even healthy individuals with no other symptoms can be affected. This condition is fatigue.

In my patient population, fatigue is generally caused by a number of factors. These can include: nutrient deficiencies from poor diet or gastrointestinal problems, poor sleep, stress induced adrenal dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, liver dysfunction, low hormone levels, chronic illness from infections, toxicity, mood disorders, and many others.

As a naturopathic physician, my goal is to determine and treat the cause of the fatigue. Often this takes time if the patient has been ill for a prolonged period and multiple systems of the body are performing sub-optimally. Patients want relief from their fatigue as quickly as possible.

Now I have a therapy that gets results fast and that is intravenous nutrient therapy (IVNT). I choose to administer nutrients intravenously when more energy is needed quickly and especially for patients who have been chronically ill.

Chronically ill patients almost always have issues with their digestive system making absorption of nutrients a real challenge. So many things can affect the health of the lining of the small intestines. This is where the vast majority of nutrient absorption takes place.

Supplying key nutrients intravenously bypasses the gut so high levels of nutrients can be administered and cellular and tissue levels of these nutrients vital for energy production increase quickly. Some nutrients such as B’s, magnesium and vitamin C can cause nausea, intestinal discomfort, or even diarrhea if given by mouth in very large doses. Given intravenously, these same nutrients do not cause the same symptoms.

Some of the nutrients that are given intravenously to boost energy and fight fatigue are B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, L-carnitine, glutathione, and coenzyme Q 10.

You don’t have to put up with fatigue any longer.  If one of your intentions is to improve your health and have more energy, we at VitaCare Natural Health Clinic can help. Contact us to set up an appointment with Dr. Yim. He will design a program to guide you back to wellness and IVNT will speed you along that path.

Quick Recap

Fatigue can be caused by:

  • Poor diet
  • GI problems
  • Poor sleep
  • Adrenal dysfunction
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Low hormone levels
  • Chronic illness from infections
  • Toxicity
  • Mood disorders

How IV Nutrient Therapy Can Increase Energy

  • IV Nutrient Therapy bypasses digestion to increase energy production quickly
  • Specific nutrients support faster recovery time
  • Increase energy means more motivation to get and stay healthy

How Can You Get Started Towards Feeling More Energy?

  • If you are an existing patient of Dr. Yim's call the office and book a 15 minute consult. In that visit Dr. Yim will determine what nutrients are best suited for your needs and health profile.
  • IV Drips take up to 60 minutes to administer
  • IV Pushs take approximately 10-15 minutes

Have extended health benefits? This is a great way to finish off your year of benefits and a fantastic way of boosting energy and immunity going into the winter!


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