IVNT and Athletic Performance


If you are a weekend warrior like me, you want to know what the big boys are doing to improve athletic performance. After all, they have access to all the cutting edge therapies. Here is a therapy that definitely improves performance AND it is perfectly safe and legal. What is this secret weapon? It is intravenous nutrient therapy (IVNT).

Phil, a 55 year-old Masters level runner, consulted me a number of years ago. He was frustrated that in spite of training diligently, his results were not getting better. He was also worried that his recovery time after hard training days and competitions seemed to be taking longer and longer. Although he still loved to run, he was starting to question if he was getting too old for all the stress he was putting on his body.

Once I determined that Phil was absolutely committed to doing everything he could to maximize his performance, I laid out a nutritional plan for him. Besides the dietary changes and oral nutrients recommended, I believed that IVNT was a key to improving Phil’s training and competition results.

IVNT introduces therapeutic doses of very specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants into the body through a vein as oppose to by-mouth. This increases tissue and cellular levels of nutrients and fluids at a much faster rate than can be done orally.

These nutrients can include: calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc, vitamins B5, B6, B complex, B12, C, l-carnitine, l-glutamine, ATP, and glutathione.

Phil was a healthy skeptic and asked me how IVNT worked and what were the benefits. I explained to him that sustained, vigorous exercise requires and depletes high amounts of nutrients. These nutrients are essential to generate energy, maximize tissue and organ function (eg. muscles, heart, and lungs), decrease inflammation, facilitate healing, and promote recovery.

I went on to list the benefits which include:

  • boosting performance
  • increasing strength and stamina
  • fueling higher nutritional demands
  • reducing fatigue
  • replacing lost electrolytes and nutrients
  • speeding up hydration
  • decreasing muscle soreness and spasms
  • reducing inflammation and injuries
  • shortening recovery time
  • boosting immunity

This information intrigued Phil and he agreed to try IVNT after his harder training days and before and after his competitions.

After his first marathon of the year, he reported that he felt really good during the race and was very pleased that his finishing time put him in the top 10 for his age group. Phil was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly his soreness resolved and speed at which he was able to get back to training after that competition. His results got better as his season went on and on. Phil became a believer!

Sports might not be your livelihood, but if you are an athlete and are intrigued about trying IVNT to improve your athletic performance, contact us at VitaCare Natural Health Clinic. Set up an appointment with Dr. Yim to discuss if therapy is right for you.