Where do you start for feeling better in 2018?

Three Things You Can Do Right Now For Your Health in 2018

We’ve hit 2018, made it through 2017 and are feeling like we want to make this year the best ever. But, your body is feeling a bit draggy, you wonder if it’s handling stress well and those aches and pains, blemishes and digestive upsets aren’t going away fast enough for your liking.

Here are three things you can do right now to get yourself back on track. You have to start somewhere, right? 

1.     Drink water

     Your body is mostly water. It uses water in every cell, organ and tissue for regulating temperature and for bodily functions. We must have water to survive. As your body is constantly losing water through metabolic processes, breathing and sweating it needs to be replenished on an ongoing basis. But there is also the right water to be drinking. Alkalinized water is best, but you don’t need expensive machines to make your water healthier. Just add a pinch of baking soda! To make sure you get enough water. Fill a pitcher in the morning, add your pinch of baking soda and then use it to drink from throughout the day. If you don’t finish it by the end of the day, don’t guzzle the stuff, just make note for the next day, that you need to be more consistent with your timing.

2.     Meditation

     Start your day in peace and quiet in contemplation and deep meditation. You don’t need hours of time, just some special techniques to access an alpha state of brain waves. How? Click here and receive a free Top Ten Meditation Techniques report. A gift to you from us to get you going on a path to vital mental and physical health.

3.     Boost Your Nutrient Intake

     Let’s face it, the ideal would be to get all your nutrients from good healthy food. Unfortunately, food today just isn’t as nutrient dense as it used to be. Add to that the environmental toxins our body’s are exposed to each day and you realize that to achieve optimum vitality you need to supplement your diet with specific, concentrated nutrients. Dr. Yim’s suggested maintenance formula for adding that extra nutritional boost is fish oil, Dr. Yim’s Multivitamin and Mineral, and Green’s First (Green drink).

These are simple inexpensive things you can do right now to improve your health, build better habits and fuel your body for a great new year.

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