Are you or someone you love suffering with Fibromyalgia?

You are not alone. 

Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects approximately 900,000 Canadians, or 3% of the population. This condition is often misdiagnosed and under-represented, and thus this number is likely much larger. While research initiatives and treatment options are improving there are still major gaps in providing people with the support and tools they need to optimally improve their health and recover.  

Widespread chronic pain, low energy, feeling of overwhelm, foggy thinking and poor sleep are characteristic symptoms you may be experiencing. While this condition may be leaving you feeling frustrated and misunderstood, the encouraging news is that Fibromyalgia can be managed with a holistic and personalized approach.  

The cause of Fibromyalgia is multifactorial with a combination of environmental and genetic factors contributing to your symptoms. Just as your symptoms may be multifactorial, so should your treatment approach. Getting on the right medication, botanical and herbal medicines, nutrition plan, physical medicine treatment, and lifestyle coaching can make a huge difference in helping you to manage this complex condition. As a Naturopathic Doctor I have a special focus in treating Fibromyalgia and providing you with the personalized support you need. 

My approach: 

 1)   Proper assessment:

Receiving a proper assessment is almost as important as receiving the right treatment. Together we will thoroughly go through your health history to ensure you have received a correct diagnosis, which will guide our treatment plan.  

2)   Setting the foundations of health 

I am passionate about helping my patients lay the SEEDS of health. The seeds of health program was developed by Dr. Lynn Marshall and focuses on:

S-sleep, E-energy and exercise, E-environment, D-diet, S-support. 

Setting these foundations can have massive positive impact on the symptoms you experience on a daily basis. 

3)   Getting to the root cause of your symptoms

Together will work on addressing the underlying factors that are contributing to your symptoms and getting to the root cause of your pain, and fatigue. 

4)   Individualized and results oriented care 

Every individual has a unique set of needs and biochemistry. I believe your treatment plan should reflect this.  

If you or a loved one is looking for support in managing their pain, poor energy, sleep dysfunction, or cognition I would love to work together. If you are also looking for support in a group setting, I am offering a Fibromyalgia support group at Vita Care Natural Health starting in January. This support group is somewhere you can come and share your experiences, meet other people who may be experiencing similar difficulties, learn, and have interactive and informative discussions. Please call Vita Care Natural Health at 250-585-2150 to book an appointment together, and/or learn more about the support group.