The other day I was at the gym and one of my acquaintances asked me, “what’s new in your practice?” I was excited to tell him about the successes in treating a variety of conditions by combining two therapies, mesotherapy and low intensity laser therapy.

Greg is in his early 60’s and he had been suffering from knee pain for years. He told me that he had not been kind to his knees over the years. Greg had sustained a number of knee injuries from playing football in college. On top of that running and skiing for over 30 years have also added to the wear and tear on his knees.

Using a three prong approach to his condition, Greg no longer has daily knee pain!

On his first visit Greg told me he experienced daily pain. It severely limited his enjoyment of running and skiing, but lately even hiking with his wife, gardening, and going up and down stairs were things that he had begun to avoid. His medical doctor had referred him to an orthopaedic surgeon and his only suggestion other than anti-inflammatories (oral and injection) was eventual knee replacements. Greg was not ready for surgery; he wanted to put that off as long as possible.

I am please to report that using a 3 prong approach to his condition, Greg no longer has daily knee pain and he was able to go on a skiiing holiday without any significant aggravation in pain. The 3 components of his program were an anti-inflammatory diet, a number of nutritional supplements, and the combination of mesotherapy and low intensity laser. The reason I know the latter was so important in Greg’s recovery was the speed in which he improved compared to patients just using the diet and supplements.

Many readers may have heard of using low intensity laser for treating conditions related to muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones, wounds, and even nerves. This therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate healing, and decrease pain and inflammation. We have been using our Bioflex laser at our clinic since 2006; what’s new is combining it with mesotherapy during the same visit.

“The term Mesotherapy was coined in 1959 by French medical doctor, Michel Pistor.”

The term mesotherapy was coined in 1958 by French medical doctor, Michel Pistor. He defined it as treatment of the mesoderm (the embryonic germ layer that develops into connective tissue, muscle, and circulatory system), referring to the effects of local procaine injections on the wide number of tissues that derive from the mesoderm. He went on to promote its use in medical, veterinary, and cosmetic conditions.

With Greg, his treatments included a number of small, subcutaneous injections using 2% procaine, and 3 homeopathic products for inflammation, pain relief, and cartilage regeneration. The injections were given just under the skin, around the knee cap and along the sides of the knee joint and then a 30 minute laser treatment was performed. This not only gave the benefits of each individual therapy, the laser light helped drive the solutions into the tissues and cells making the synergy of the two therapies even more powerful. After the first treatment, Greg could already tell the pain had lessened. After his fourth treatment, he was able to go on his family ski trip.

I have now started using this combination therapy for arthritis, nerve pain, rotator cuff injuries, tendinitis, trigger point pain, and even fibromyalgia. 

If you are a new patient experiencing a painful condition or an old patient who has tried a number of things in the past with little benefit, please call our clinic to set up an appointment with me to discuss if this combination treatment is right for you.