John sits still much easier than I do. I like moving and sitting in one spot too long is a little boring for me. My favourite meditation technique involves walking in nature. 

A Walking Meditation stills the mind and soothes frazzled nerves like nothing else can. I learned this particular method from a Qi Gong master many years ago and I still practice it for its ease and convenience! By coordinating breathing with your steps, similar to panting when you climb a hill, your subconscious stays vigilante to your surroundings, while your mind focuses on the rhythm of breathing and stepping. It can be quite transformative.

Here's How I Do a Walking Meditation

With each step I take, I breathe in two quick Qi breaths (inhalations) and then release the breath in one slow exhalation while I take the next step (timing it to the step). It took me a while to coordinate the movement but once you get the beat you can feel the Qi flow and the peace settle. John demonstrates the technique in the workshop Everybody's Guide to Meditation and Self Healing, so if you are interested check out the upcoming dates for the workshop.

As John trained in Transcendental Meditation he prefers this technique or mindfulness meditation and practices regularly in the sauna at his gym. 

"My day starts out well when I take the time to meditate," he said, adding that focusing on his breath or listening to meditation music helps him tune out outside noise and helps him stay focused on his breathing.

"I use mantras as well as specific sound when focusing on different areas of my body that need attention or healing. It's very grounding and allows me to tap into the inner healing power of my body. I've had many patients over the years, learn these meditation techniques and see dramatic improvement in their health. It's a very important tool for getting and staying healthy."

Here are some of our Top Ten Meditation Techniques. Pick the one that suits you best and practice regularly!! 

If you work better in a group, please join us for the two-part workshop Dr. Yim will be offering starting the third week in June of 2018.