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By Dr. John Yim

When patients see Dr. John Yim, he often says, “My goal is not to suppress your symptoms, it is to maximize your health. We do that by treating the whole body.”

Western medicine is fantastic at treating infections and traumatic injuries. However, it has challenges dealing with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome because in many cases, multiple areas of the body are working at a suboptimal level.

Although it is important to make note of all the patient’s symptoms, it is usually not necessary to treat each individual symptom. Dr. Yim tells his patients, “symptoms are your body’s way of getting your attention, to tell you that things are out of balance. By treating the whole body, the symptoms will take care of themselves.”

A good example is in the case of fibromyalgia, a patient may experience a list of symptoms that includes: fatigue, muscle weakness and pain, insomnia, depression, food allergies, diarrhea, bloating, headaches, recurrent infections, easy weight gain, hypoglycemia, sugar and starch cravings, and many others.

 “The organs and systems work synergistically with each other so when we look at a condition or symptom, we have to look at how the body arrived at that level of health and what the body is trying to tell us,” says Dr. Yim.

To help move patients to wellness and to maximize their health, Dr. Yim begins by suggesting the patient remove obstacles to health such as bad food choices and microbes in the body like candida yeast, parasites, unfriendly bacteria, and viruses. He then adds repairing the lining of the gut to the treatment plan so nutrients are more efficiently absorbed. In addition, the adrenals, thyroid, and liver may need to be supported and strengthened, as well as the immune system balanced. It may also be indicated that detoxification of toxins needs to be considered, and the nervous system calmed down

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Helping the nervous system calm down is one aspect of Whole Body Healing and Healthy Aging.

Problems in any of the above organs or systems can bring a multitude of symptoms so when treating the whole body, to maximize the function of each and every one of these areas, patients can experience profound improvements in their health.

Whole Body Healing considers all the factors that impact the body and then treats the whole body. This results in: superior energy, a stronger immunity, faster recovery, balanced moods, less pain, better digestive health, and better overall health and longevity.