What is Electrodermal Testing?

Electrodermal testing, using the VegaTest Expert is a diagnostic screening technique developed by a German medical doctor, Helmut Schimmel. The electrodermal test method used by Dr. Yim takes advantage of the fundamental principles of energetic theory which builds on the idea that the body has a measurable energetic field that is directly related to the health. By building on this idea we have a technique that surpasses the limitations of conventional biochemcial testing.

Electrodermal testing measures electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the body in order to detect imbalances that might cause present illness or contribute towards future disease. The detection of energy level imbalances in the body is essential for providing an early warning system for potential disruptions in biochemical balance that may lead to disease. Balance can then be restored using holistic therapies.

How does Electrodermal Testing Work?

Electrodermal testing using the VegaTest Expert is very simple. The machine outputs a low level electrical current which runs through an electrode held in one of the patient’s hands. The electromagnetic pulses travel through the patient’s body and are measured by the technician with the aid of a hand held measuring stylus which is placed on an acupuncture point on the patient’s hand.

Electrodermal testing is safe, effective and non-invasive. Both the Food Sensitivity Screening and the Comprehensive Health & Organ Analysis offer you invaluable information in your quest for optimal health.


Ask Dr Yim for more information on how to prepare for youR Electrodermal Test and about Food Sensitivity Screening





  • Vitamin, mineral & trace element deficiencies

  • Enzyme deficiencies

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Yeast overgrowth

  • Toxicity levels

  • Specific organ dysfunction

  • Presence of parasites

  • Viral or bacterial infection

  • Most stressed organ

  • Presence of food sensitivities

  • Chemical sensitivities



The VegaTest Expert, used extensively in Europe by medical doctors, dentists and naturopathic physicians gives the healthcare provider and patient a fantastic tool! It allows Dr. Yim to create a more finely tuned personal healthcare program. By analyzing results from the test, he can design a systematic protocol for regaining or maintaining your health.

In addtion to the above list, the VegaTest Expert can evaluate dental disturbances, mercury intoxication, and sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. It an also determine what homeopathics, herbal formulas, vitamins, etc. will be tolerated and be effective for the patient.