Talia, food buddha

Talia has been helping women for 8 years in Victoria with nutrition and health.

In early 2017 created her mentor-coaching business, Food Buddha to combine her knowledge of nutrition and health with her passion of personal transformation.

Talia is passionate about changing the lives of women who struggle with food, weight and self love. Food Buddha is reaching women worldwide with her message of health through nutrition, self-love and mind set.

Talia helps women find their inner power while giving them practical tools, support and steps to overcome their life-long struggles with food, weight, health, cravings, binging and emotional eating and create healthy
habits and balance.

Watch for her talks & workshops coming soon to our clinic! If you wish to book an appointment with Talia, call our clinic at (250) 585-2150. For more information about Talia visit her website or Facebook page