UpcOming SelfCare Lectures and Demonstrations

Self Care Lectures are informative and entertaining lectures on current health issues offered by our doctors, technicians or food specialists. VitaCare Education Centre offers these workshops at no cost to our patients. In most workshops you will receive handouts or a link to downloadable material, Top Ten Reports, discount coupons and more. As they are held at the clinic, space is limited so we ask that participants call ahead to reserve a spot. 250-585-2150. (Please note that the May 8 talk will be held of site in a larger venue.)

As Nanaimo's food bank, Loaves and Fishes, strives to provide healthy food to its clients, we use these lectures as an opportunity for participants and the clinic to share food or monetary donations, which will be passed on to the organization. They do a fabulous job and we feel strongly that every person in our city and on the Island should have access to quality food.

Tofu, Sprout and Avocado Salad   

Tofu, Sprout and Avocado Salad   

February 6, 2018 7-8:30pm
Managing Inflammation With Foods with Dr. John Yim

Inflammation is a common denominator in every chronic degenerative disease, from Arthritis to Cancer.

Learn how to:

  • test inflammation levels,
  • how it affects the body and
  • how to quench the fire of inflammation with food!

To sign up online click on this link.

February 7, 2018 7-8:15pm
Environmental Allergies with Dr. Carmen Luterbach

Trees begin pollinating in February: Do you start feeling congested around this time? Do you suffer from autoimmunity, itchy eyes or nose, asthma, chronic congestion, recurrent hives, itchy skin or eczema?

Learn how the body responds to allergens and about how skin scratch testing can diagnose allergies in the environment. Learn tips to optimize your home environment to reduce symptoms and about:

  • Cutting edge treatment
  • How sublingual immunotherapy can permanently resolve allergic reactions
  • What lifestyle tips can you start today to feel better and reduce allergy medication
  • And How IV therapies can dramatically improve symptoms.


April 10, 2018 7-8:30pm
Double Your Energy by Resetting Your Adrenal Glands with Dr. John yim


Are you tired of feeling tired? Adrenal Fatigue might be the root of this problem.

Learn how to:

  • recharge your adrenals and at least
  • double your energy!



May 8, 2018 7-9pm
Minding Your Mitochondria

In celebration of Naturopathic Week Dr. Yim will be presenting timely and very current research on the powerhouse of every cell: mitochondria. Virtually every cell in your body relies on the tiny organelles called mitochondria for energy production. They use components of your diet to generate the energy currency that runs the machinery in every single cell. The average person between 30-70 experiences a 50% decline in mitochondrial function.

Want better health? Mind Your Mitochondria


September 18, 2018 7-8:30pm
Bug Proof Your Kids with Dr. john yim

It seems that as soon as kids get back to school, they are more prone to getting sick. Keeping your children healthy, not only allows them to do better in school from not missing as many school days. But makes your life less stressful.

Learn simple techniques to keep the bugs away.


October 16, 2018 7-8:30pm
Battle the Bulge with Dr. John yim

Over the next six months, between Thanksgiving to Easter, it is not unusual for many people to gain 5 to 20 pounds. Learn how patients have won the battle of the bulge and the best way to manage your weight even through all the excesses and temptations of the holiday season and the winter blues.

Find out:

  • If specific foods are causing you to gain weight
  • How to turn off the cravings
  • If deficiencies of specific nutrients are forcing your body to store fat
  • How hormone imbalance can make losing weight an uphill battle
  • and how to be practical about food purchases and preparation.

This will be a very informative lecture on a variety of ways you can turn your body's fat burning abilities on and what you need to do to get through the tempting treats of holiday feasting.

November 10, 2018 7-8:30pm
Thanks for the Memories! with dr. john yim


As we get older it is almost an expectation that we will experience memory loss and cognitive decline. But imagine how life would be different if fatigue, lack of focus, and forgetfulness was not the norm? Nourish your brain, and vibrant energy, productivity and mental clarity could be your reward.


  • That as you age you can actually think better
  • That specific nutrients help maintain mental clarity
  • That food can either build your brain or bust your brain
  • That specific meditation practices and exercise can build stronger neuronal connections
  • That you can stay mentally fit longer

We offer these lectures for free with all but the May 8 lecture with limited space. Please for all lectures call our clinic at 250-585-2150 and reserve your seat ahead of time. You can also