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Whole Body Spring Cleanse

It's that time again! The opportunity to eliminate toxins, stimulate healing, boost metabolism and increase performance and energy for the spring and summer seasons!

This year VitaCare is offering something a little different when it comes to spring cleansing. And we want everyone on board!

How many times have you started a cleanse and then ended up not finishing? It was challenging, you didn't have the support, sometimes you couldn't figure out what to eat or you felt frustrated that friends and family weren't more encouraging!

We have the solution!

Over the twenty years we've been in practice, seeing patients, witnessing incredible results, we have created a strong and connected community. Our goal has always been to educate and be catalysts for change. Well, we want to access the power of that community through a group spring cleanse! 

Kind of like a community barn raising! We're going to work through a two-week program of detoxification as a group.

Not only will there be group visits, educational seminar, discounts, menu plans and a group member Facebook page, but our doctors will be right there with you, detoxing as well posting their experience and journey.

Why Should You Join this Group?

Toxins from the environment, we are exposed to a plethora of them, damage our body, negatively impact our energy levels and impede a smoothly running immune system.

  • Fatigue
  • Poor immunity
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmunity
  • Headaches
  • Muscle or Joint Pain
  • Brain Fog

These are all symptoms of toxicity in your body. Any or all can have a dramatic and detrimental affect on your quality of life and lead to serious, chronic or life threatening conditions.

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Everyday we are exposed to toxins that threaten to tear down our health!

We've put together this gentle 2 week detox program to help build it back up!

Vitacare natural health Clinic's spring cleanse

In this all inclusive program you will receive:

  • 30-minute pre-program consultation with one of our doctors
  • 2 hour group orientation seminar
  • Whole Body Detoxification Menu Plan that includes recipes, shopping lists and more
  • Introduction to intermittent fasting, pH testing, dry brushing
  • Demonstration on Qi breathing
  • Handouts on Castor oil pack, sauna or detox baths, liver and kidney cleansing
  • Gentle Exercises to stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Online support
  • Liver GI Detox Supplement
  • Castor Oil Pack
  • Detox tea blend


Cost: $250

Time: April 26 7-9 pm for initial orientation and to get your program package

We are limiting the number of participants so please contact the clinic as soon as possible to reserve your spot in this exclusive and life changing program.

Phone: 250-755-1930