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Our dispensary carries professional lines using therapeutic doses of healing nutrients and botanicals.

VitaCare provides health solutions using the science of natural medicine and the tradition of ancient healing arts. Drawing on both our own diagnostic tools and conventional lab testing our doctors create individualized programs for acute and long term results. Our goals are always to provide patient centred care and to act as catalysts and coaches in ensuring our patients enjoy renewed health and vitality.

VitaCare also boasts a dispensary of professional, therapeutic, nutritional and herbal formulas as well as Dr. Yim's own specially formulated products. 

VitaCare also provides excellent support material for the treatment programs in the form of workshops, ebooks, menu planning products and more. 


Our Doctors Provide
Total Health Programs

Our doctors view health holistically. In other words they view symptoms as an expression of a health issue impacting the whole system. Rather than only focusing on the symptom, they get to the bottom of what is causing the health crisis. 

When health is viewed from this perspective, recovery can be dramatic and life altering. 

To achieve these results our doctors see patients for longer initial and return consultations. An initial visit will be a minimum of 45 minutes long during which time the doctor will take a complete medical history, develop a real understanding of patient health goals and discuss the steps to achieving and maintaining vital living. 

Dr. Luterbach specializes in paediatrics and pregnancy care with a focus on acupuncture.

Dr. Luterbach specializes in paediatrics and pregnancy care with a focus on acupuncture.

Based on the information gleaned from this first visit, VitaCare doctors will create an individualized treatment plan that may include specific testing. VitaCare provides in house initial testing using electrodermal testing to determine if food sensitivities or weak organ systems are impacting the patient's health. Further investigation may be required with the use of blood, urine or stool tests.

It is important to note that our doctors are primary care health providers. That means they are your first line of defence when facing acute or chronic health issues. All VitaCare naturopathic doctors are licensed to prescribe specific pharmaceutical drugs and in certain cases these will be prescribed to work in combination with natural remedies. 

Results Based Total Health Programs

We are a results based clinic! Our focus and objective with each patient is to assist them in achieving their health goals. How? By providing the best care possible, getting to the cause of the health issue, creating the most effective program and coaching each patient through every step to wellness. Our entire team and staff put you the patient first. We are there to provide the tools and information needed to achieve quality and quantity of life at the optimal level.